Things to Consider for an Efficient Air Conditioning System

Posted on: 27 March 2023


An air conditioner is important for keeping a home comfortable so that everyone can enjoy the summer months without suffering. For this reason, you may plan to upgrade your current air conditioner or install a unit for the first time. But how do you choose the right model? One factor to think about is its efficiency. After all, you pay once to install it but will pay the running costs for as long as you use it. Here are some considerations that keep efficiency in mind.

Right Capacity 

It's important to choose a system with the right capacity for your home. Each model will specify the square meterage it can cool, so you should pay attention to this information. However, those details are general and don't account for specifics. Your house may be well insulated and have small windows that don't face the afternoon sun. Or else, it may have little insulation and feature large windows that catch hours of the summer sun. The same air conditioning system inside these two houses, even if they have the same square meterage, will work differently. The air conditioner may be perfect for one but not the other. You also need to account for the local climate. Discuss your needs with an air conditioning specialist who can offer specific advice.

Inverter Model

When you're looking at the various systems, take note of the ones that are inverter models. These have technology that makes them run more efficiently. An air conditioner will attempt to keep your house at the temperature you set on the thermostat. A non-inverter model has a stop-start mechanism to achieve this. However, an inverter model has a more sophisticated method of going faster and slower to the same end, which is more energy efficient. So your bills will be lower as a result.

Features that Help

If you can simply turn the system on and off and set a target temperature, then that is a broad brush approach. If you have more control, however, you can refine how you use the air conditioner to save money on running costs. For example, a zoning feature will let you select which parts of the house to cool. A motion sensor will turn off the cooling in a room if no one is there for a set time. If you have wifi control, you can turn the cooling off when away, in case you accidentally leave it on, for instance. These added features will help you use the air conditioner more judiciously.

High Stars 

The more stars that an appliance has, the more efficiently it will run. So opt for the model with the highest rating that you can afford. While you may pay more at the outset, you'll pay less every month or quarter when you receive the electricity bill.

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