Three Fundamental Guidelines for Repairing Your Cool Room

Posted on: 3 January 2023


Cool rooms are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of commercial and industrial workplaces. However, these pieces of equipment are not infallible. Malfunctions can occur due to improper usage, poor maintenance practices and accidental mechanical damage. If your cool room is not working correctly, you could lose valuable goods and experience significant long-term losses. Therefore, if you have noticed the decline of your cool room, plan for immediate repairs. Here are some essential guidelines for conducting repairs and preventing financial losses.

Inspect the Equipment You should inspect the cool room and determine the potential cause of the malfunction. Some problems can be resolved using simple repairs from your in-house employees. The most common signs of cold room failure include the accumulation of condensation, the formation of ice in the equipment and the unusual spoilage of your supplies. In some cases, these issues are caused by poor organisation of the goods in the cool room. You can minimise warm spots and promote better air circulation in the space by rearranging the goods. Make sure there is room between the goods and the walls, and do not pack supplies tightly together. Cool room malfunctions are also often caused by inconsistent electrical supply. Test the circuit and ensure it can meet the power demands of your cool room. Additionally, consider installing safety devices to protect against surges.

Choose a Professional If you cannot troubleshoot the cool room, contact a professional HVAC contractor for repairs. Some complex malfunctions will require the refurbishment of the cooling equipment or the structure. When choosing an expert for the repairs, confirm they have experience in industrial and commercial cooling repair. You can check the online reviews from past customers to determine the range of services, reputation, costs and guarantee policies. When preparing for the repairs, clear out the area for employee safety. If possible, inquire about the possibility of the contractor working outside your regular business hours.

Conduct Maintenance Finally, plan for the maintenance of the cool room after the repairs. Poor upkeep practices can cause recurrent failure, and the costs of long-term repair will affect your business profits. The most critical task is cleaning up the cool room. Wipe spillages to prevent mould growth, and clean the evaporator and condenser. You should also inspect the cooling equipment for signs of damage, such as the leakage of fluid from the condenser coils or the accumulation of ice on the evaporator. Additionally, calibrate and monitor the temperature of the cool room to ensure the early detection of anomalies. 

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