Two tips for homeowners who are having split systems installed during their renovation projects

Posted on: 24 October 2022


If you'll be having a split system installed in the midst of your home renovations, here are some tips to follow. 

Wait until after the installation process is finished before renovating or decorating the walls onto which the system's units will be attached

It's best to wait until after the split system installation work is over before you renovate or decorate the walls onto which the HVAC contractor will attach the system's units. The reason for this is that if, for example, the wall onto which one of the internal units is being attached has fresh paint on it that hasn't dried, the HVAC contractor might have to work more slowly than they usually would, to avoid leaving handprints or smudges on the still-wet wall whilst they're installing the internal unit.

Similarly, if you add some new render to the exterior wall on which the contactor will be fitted the system's external unit, and it's not dry by the installation date, they might struggle to fit this unit without leaving marks on the render, and may take longer to complete their work. By waiting until after the split system has been installed, you won't prolong the installation or have to be concerned about this process leading to your newly rendered or painted walls getting marked.

Remove construction materials from the areas in which the HVAC contractor will need to work and walk

If you're renovating several areas of your home, then you probably have a big collection of construction materials that you are currently using or will need to use at a later stage. You should ensure that these materials are removed from the areas in which the HVAC contractor will need to work (such as the floor space directly beside both the interior and exterior walls onto which the split system units will be installed), as well as the hallways and staircases of your home through which they'll need to travel to get from one room to another.

This is important, as the contractor will need to go back and forth between the areas where they installing the internal units, and the spot where they'll be fitting the external unit, many times during the few hours it takes them to complete this job. They'll have to do this whilst carrying some of their tools and other installation materials. If there are lots of your construction products in their way, not only could they trip and get injured, but they might also stumble and drop some of their valuable tools or materials, and break them, too.

To learn more about split-system installation, reach out to an HVAC contractor near you.