How is Electrical Work Related to HVAC Installations and Repairs?

Posted on: 8 July 2022


You might know that HVAC professionals are typically required when it's time to install or repair an HVAC system. What a lot of people don't realise or think about, though, is that HVAC technicians often do at least some electrical work. Additionally, in some cases, electricians have to be hired to do electrical work. These are some of the different ways that electrical work is sometimes related to HVAC installations and repairs. 

Wiring Has to Be Installed

In a new construction home, all of the necessary electrical wiring and panels have to be installed before the HVAC system can be installed. In some cases, electricians work on wiring at the same time that HVAC professionals work on things like installing ductwork. However, the electrical wiring has to be completed and up to code before the HVAC installer can actually install the HVAC system.

Electrical Systems Sometimes Have to Be Upgraded

In some cases, such as in older homes, electrical systems sometimes have to be upgraded before an HVAC system can be installed. For example, if a central heating and air conditioning unit has never been installed in your older home, then the electrical panel and wiring might have to be upgraded. An HVAC professional might know whether or not this is the case, or you can consult with an electrician. An electrician can check your electrical wiring if you let them know that you're interested in installing an HVAC system. Then, they can let you know whether or not upgrades need to be done.

Electric HVAC Systems Have to Be Installed

Of course, some electrical work has to be done when the actual HVAC unit is installed, even if your wiring is already present and in good condition. In many cases, an electrician's services are not needed for this. Instead, a trained HVAC professional should know how to properly connect your electric HVAC system to your wiring so that you can put your unit to work.

Electrical Repairs Sometimes Have to Be Done

You might already have an HVAC system installed, and your system might have always worked well. Now, though, it might not be working properly, and the problem might not actually be related to the HVAC system itself. Instead, it could be because there is a problem with the wiring that is connected to your HVAC unit. A professional should be able to determine if this is the case and perform any necessary repairs.

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