The Benefits Of Split Air Conditioning

Posted on: 3 November 2021


Most homeowners are often conflicted over whether to buy a central or split air conditioning system. Well, given the numerous benefits of split AC systems, the two systems are almost incomparable. If you have not heard about split AC systems, the excerpt below details how they work and the reasons why your home should have this AC system. 

What Is A Split Air Conditioning System? 

Traditionally, AC systems have ducts that blow hot or cold air inside the house. A split AC system takes a different approach. The system contains blowers connected to an outdoor unit that has a compressor and condenser. Rather than ducts, the split AC system has a refrigerant running through a series of tubes. The system has a straightforward operating mechanism. It sucks air, passes it through the refrigerant and blows it back warm or cold depending on your thermostat settings. 

What Are The Benefits Of Split AC Systems? 

Below are a few reasons to purchase the split AC system: 

Easy Installation

The split AC system is easy to install. Typically, the installation process comprises the installation of the indoor blowers, fixing the copper tubing, placing the outdoor unit and electrical wiring. It is unlike central air conditioning that needs ducts. Remember, ductwork could require you to upgrade your ceiling or roof. 

Advanced Features

Modern split AC systems have advanced features that significantly improve your experience when using the system. For example, some systems are compatible with your smartphone. As such, you can control the system without moving from your seat. Other systems have sensors that will shut down the AC if you are not at home. Besides, some systems have an air purification feature that filters any contaminants in the air blown into your house. It is a sure way to avoid illnesses caused by allergens in the air. 

Energy Efficiency

A split AC system has a higher energy efficiency compared to the central AC system. One of the biggest drawbacks of central AC systems is the use of ducts. The ducts often develop cracks during installation or due to wear and tear. These cracks will lead to heat loss forcing the AC to work harder to achieve your desired temperature. A split AC system does not have this problem.


The split AC system is considerably quiet. It is unlike the central AC that produces a lot of noise from the outdoor unit. A silent system gives you peace of mind since you do not have to worry about your neighbour's complaints as you run the AC. Besides, some zoning or strata laws could impose penalties on homeowners who run noisy AC systems.