3 Primary Variables That Influence How Much Your Aircon System Installation Will Cost

Posted on: 8 July 2021


How much does it cost to have an air conditioning system installed? This is a question that professional AC installers often get asked a lot. While they can tell you how much you're likely to pay, on average, your best bet for getting an accurate cost estimate is to request a detailed quote from them.

There are plenty of factors that these professionals consider when quoting a job. Continue reading to acquaint yourself with some of these factors.

The kind of AC system you choose

Even though all aircon systems are designed to improve your home's indoor comfort by providing cooling action, they're not all created equal. From window units to central cooling systems to split-system units, today's AC systems come in multiple designs and configurations to meet the needs of different users.

Each type of AC system has specific design features, which affect how easily it can be installed. The more complex the design, the more difficult and expensive the installation job will be, and vice versa. For example, central air conditioning systems generally cost more upfront than individual room air conditioners because they need to be connected to existing HVAC ductwork.

The size of your AC system

Another major thing that will influence the total cost of your AC system installation is the size of the system you go for. Aircon sizes are usually measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The higher the number, the higher the cooling capacity you'll get and the more you'll be expected to pay for it.

It's important that you choose the correct size of cooling system for your home. An oversized system will increase the cost of your AC installation, as well as the life-cycle cost of the system. A smaller system, on the other hand, may struggle to match your home's cooling load, resulting in poor efficiency and frequent breakdowns.

The energy efficiency of your AC system

Air conditioners are one of the most significant users of electricity in the home. If you want to keep your annual household energy expenses down, it's best to invest in a system with a high energy efficiency rating. This information is usually included in the packaging of AC products. 

While installing an energy-efficient model will help keep your AC operating costs as low as possible, it will cost you more upfront.

Aside from the above highlighted factors, your AC system installation cost will also depend on who you choose to tackle your job. Labour costs for AC installation can vary widely from company to company. To get your quote, contact an aircon installation service provider near you.