Top Causes of Air Flow Issues and AC Freezing

Posted on: 30 August 2019


Most people associate a "freezing AC unit" with optimal performance. However, nothing could be further from the truth. See, an AC is designed to work through a set of refined control parameters with the major one being airflow. If warm air stops flowing into the system, then the refrigerant can overclock and freeze the entire system. Therefore, it is essential to keep a close eye on airflow components and ensure that they are working efficiently. If you are wondering what can cause AC airflow issues, then this article explores the various culprits and possible repair solutions. Read on.  

Collapsed Duct

Picture cars cruising on a highway. If part of the highway collapsed, then there would be a major snarl-up. In the same way, air ducts are the highways for dust, debris and other particulate materials. When there is a blockage at any point in the air ducts, the air stops flowing naturally, thereby blocking warm airflow to the AC coils. Notably, warm air is required to keep the coils at optimal temperatures for the effective functioning of an AC unit. Therefore, lack of warm air causes the device to freeze, and the low temperatures spread throughout the entire unit. Call an HVAC specialist the moment you notice frozen water on your AC unit.  

Bad Blower Motor

Unknown to most people, the blower motor plays a vital role in an AC unit since it assists air to flow quickly over the coil. Therefore, if the blower motor or the capacitors fail, then the fan automatically stops. It causes warm air to flow slowly over the coils, thereby giving enough time for precipitate in the air to cool and freeze. A good practice is to keep an ear on the sounds that are made by the blower motor to determine if repairs are necessary. Watch out for irregular or rattling sounds emanating from the AC unit, since these are the first signs that the blower motor requires immediate repair by an air conditioning repair contractor.  

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter is another easily forgotten component of an AC unit, even though it plays a critical role in keeping the unit debris-free. Seating between the home's vent and the air conditioner, an effective filter acts as a pathway for easy flow of air. However, when the filter fills with dust and other debris, it stops being an air pathway and becomes a clog. Accordingly, airflow inside the ducts slows down to a crawl, causing freezing over the coils. If the filter is past its prime, then immediate replacement by a professional air conditioning contractor is necessary.