Commercial Refrigeration: Four Essential Tips for Reducing Power Consumption

Posted on: 29 May 2019


The cost of running a commercial refrigeration system can be high. These units need to be operated at all times to prevent spoilage and promote the freshness of goods. In simple terms, it is impossible to reduce your power consumption by turning off the equipment when the business is not open. Your only option for reducing your cooling expenses is improving the working efficiency of your commercial refrigerator. Here are simple tips to help you achieve optimal operational results while lowering power usage.

Clean the Cooling Components

The accumulation of grime due to negligence can cause the cooling components in your commercial refrigeration system to use more power. This problem is particularly prominent in relation to the heat exchanging coils. If these are covered in dirt, there will be inefficient removal of heat. Therefore, it is crucial to plan for regular cleansing of the heat exchange components. When conducting cleaning, remember to check for problems such as leakages, broken elements and malfunctions.

Repair Worn Out Gaskets

If the door to your refrigeration space does not close efficiently, there will be continuous movement of hot air into the system. As a result, the cooling costs could increase significantly. Therefore, you must ensure that the doors have tight gaskets to minimise inefficiencies. Gaskets can come loose and even sustain damage over time. If this happens, you should consider replacing these elements for improved efficiency. It might also be worthwhile to consider automatic closers to prevent loses which are caused by carelessly leaving the door open.

Manage the Space Lighting

The lighting installed in the commercial refrigeration space will contribute to high bills. In general, if the bulbs in the unit are constantly on, there will be unnecessary usage of power. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to keep switching lights on and off during operating hours. Therefore, if you are interested in reducing power consumption, you should consider installing a motion sensor for your refrigerator lights. This component will allow lights to go off when the refrigerator is not needed. When the space is accessed, the lights will turn on again.

Consider Unit Replacement

Finally, it is advisable to think about replacing your old commercial refrigeration. These pieces of equipment are designed to provide prolonged service, but they still have a limited lifespan. If your unit has been failing constantly, consuming more power and demanding frequent repairs, it might be time for replacement. Choose a more energy-efficient cooling system for long-term cost reduction.