Is Ducted Air Conditioning Right For Your Home?

Posted on: 17 March 2019


While there is an array of air conditioning systems that you can choose for your home, one type that is garnering popularity among Australians is the ducted variety. This type of system comprises of a fan coil, which is an internal unit, located in your roof and this works in tandem with multiple ducts that are directed to each room in your home. Thus, the main difference between ducted air conditioning and a central HVAC system is that you have the flexibility to zone your house and this allows you to heat or cool each room individually rather than the entire property at the same time. If you are deliberating on which type of HVAC system you should install, consider the following reasons why ducted air conditioning will be the right fit for your residence.

Energy-efficient heating and cooling 

Whichever way you look at it, your air conditioning system will consume a considerable amount of power in your home. And if you have a tendency to keep this system on throughout the day and night during the day and night, then you need to ensure you are not at risk of exorbitant electricity bills. Ducted air conditioning systems are fitted with inverter technology, which functions to control compressor speed and subsequently ensures continuous temperature regulation in your home. Moreover, since a ducted system provides you with zoning, you are also guaranteed that there is no wastage of energy by heating or cooling unoccupied spaces in your home.

Elimination of cold and hot spots

Although hot and cold spots are barely noticeable when the ambient temperatures are fair, these pots become starkly apparent during the summer and the winter. Hot and cold spots are not merely uncomfortable. When your house has uneven temperatures, it puts a toll on your air conditioning unit since it has to work harder to even out the overall temperature. When you switch to a ducted air conditioning system, you eliminate these spots since this system will heat and cool your premises uniformly. Thus, you will notice that any changes to the temperature inside your home will be minimal.

Unbeatable visual appeal

While installing a new air conditioning system is imperative for the comfort of your home, it does not necessarily mean that the system will complement your current aesthetic. And if you have taken pains to ensure that the interiors of your home are attractive, a conspicuous unit can detract from the interior design that you have carefully picked for your home. A major advantage of a ducted air conditioning system is that they do not interfere with the visual appeal of your home. Since the ducts are installed behind walls and ceiling, only inconspicuous grills are visible from the interior of your home.