Follow These Guidelines to Get More Out of Your HVAC System

Posted on: 9 November 2018


As the summer approaches, the need to keep the house cool during the day becomes vital. When the AC is working properly, it takes the heat inside the house and pushes it outside. The problem with this system is that so much electricity is being used for air conditioning that it has become a vicious cycle. To make sure that HVAC efforts are not leading to the excessive emission of greenhouse gases, you need to ensure that your HVAC system is as efficient as possible. Here are a few of the guidelines that can help improve the efficiency of your HVAC without using excess electricity.

Sealing the leaks

One of the main reasons why HVAC systems stop functioning as they should is the presence of leaks in the system. Leaks interfere with the flow of air. If the leak is in the attic, it becomes close to impossible to regulate heat. If you aren't sure about your ability to check the leaks as a DIY project, consider hiring an expert to handle the inspection and repairs.

Keeping the sun and heat out

Another way that you can reduce dependence on the HVAC system is putting in place measures which keep the sun and the heat out of the home. Some of these measures include ensuring the design of the house is made to optimise cooling. The roof, wall floor should all be installed in a manner to optimise them for heat retention in the winter and insulate against excessive heat in the summer.

Buy efficient lighting and supplies.

The other common mistake which people make dealing with the HVAC systems is that they focus so much on the HVAC and the insulation of the house that they forget that their appliances also have a role to play in keeping the house temperatures optimal. When installing electric devices, ensure that they do not emit more heat than they should because this increases the overall indoor temperatures. At the same time, make sure that you have changed the incandescent and regular filament bulbs with LED because they emit the least amount of light. When the heat from the lamps and appliances is kept under control, the HVAC will not have to work excessively hard to keep temperatures down.

These are measures that you may take to optimise the efficiency of the air conditioner in your home without having to use excess electricity. Call in an expert for the installation, maintenance and repairs if you want the unit to serve you for a long time.