Ways Your Electrical Contractor Can Upgrade Your HVAC System

Posted on: 14 July 2017


When you begin thinking about ways to upgrade your HVAC system, you may think about just replacing the system and getting a new model. Though this is one of the more common ways to upgrade a system, it can be costly. There are other ways to upgrade your HVAC system that your local electrical contractor can assist with. Here are a few of the upgrades you should consider to help control and adapt your HVAC system to your lifestyle and needs:

Weekly and Daily Scheduling

One of the upgrades your electrical contractor can do is add a timing system to your HVAC unit. This timing system can give you more control of your system on a daily and weekly basis. The basic task that this timer offers is the ability to set a specific temperature in your home while you are at work, when you are at home, and overnight. This means you can set the temperature to increase or decrease during hotter or colder parts of the day, before waking up, or while you are traveling home from work or school. This can be set for different times, different days, and advanced timers may offer specific date scheduling as well. This sort of upgrade puts your HVAC on auto drive with more controlled and specific settings.

Remote Upgrades

You may not think about having a remote to your HVAC system as an upgrade that you need, but there are times when this may be the ideal upgrade. Having the HVAC on a remote system can be very beneficial during illness or if you have someone at home who is bed bound or chair bound. The remote can be used throughout the house and can operate not only your HVAC system but also ceiling fans as well. Your electrical contractor can set up each room to have a remote sensor so you can use the remote easily and from most of the angles in the room. Remote upgrades can also be beneficial for parents who may need to change the temperature during a child's illness when they may not be able to leave the room the child is in at that moment.

Phone App Connections

One of the upgrades that many people are considering is a form of an all-in-one control solution to their HVAC system. This upgrade uses an app that connects your HVAC system to your phone. You can then use your phone to adjust the temperature in your home, set a timer, and basically act as a remote and timer all in one. Some apps can even be connected to blinds and remote controlled curtains in your home to open and close them, as well as a security system to help you arm the system or turn it off as needed. There are various apps that your electrical contractor can offer, so be sure to consult with them about all your needs to find the right app and set up for you.

These are just a few of the upgrades your electrical contractor can do to upgrade your HVAC system and give you more control over your system. For other options and pricing, contact your electrical contractor for a consultation.