After Sales Service Tips for your HVAC Servicing Business

Posted on: 30 June 2017


Congratulations! y|You have succeeded in opening your heating, ventilation and air conditioning service business. With the number of companies requiring cool rooms increasing, it will not be long before your business starts making a profit. However, such success will need more than direct cold room sales. Clients will approach you for design and installation of a cold room, but you will only retain them if you have unrivaled after sale services strategies. Most importantly, due to the delicate nature of businesses that require air-conditioned rooms, you need to have strategies that will ensure customer satisfaction. This article highlights some after sales support strategies, which you should consider for implementation in your business.

Fix it Faster -- For a new HVAC contracting business, starting with two or three employees is recommended. However, when recruiting, ensure that your technicians are not subcontractors or are planning to subcontract their services. When a customer's cool room malfunctions, they need it to be fixed immediately. Such urgency can be attributed to the fact that with every passing minute, the cooling room's temperature increases thereby compromising the longevity of stored products. Therefore, to implement a fix-it-faster strategy you should only employ candidates who will be available throughout. This way, you would be able to stay on top of customers' requirements in real time.

Suggest Upgrades -- The HVAC industry is dynamic in the sense that new technologies sprout out every day. Therefore, you should not leave your clients in the dark when new refrigeration technologies hit the market. For instance, if you are aware of a product that promises ultimate energy efficiency, inform your clientele immediately. The fact that an energy efficient cool-room reduces the cost of running the business is reason enough to retain existing customers. Notably, keep a keen eye on HVAC technological trends so that you are always ahead of client needs.

Planned Maintenance -- Most businesses will keep the cooling system in their cold room running 24 hours a day. While the system is developed to withstand the workload, proper maintenance is critical for optimal functioning. Agreeing on an after sale service with your clients in the form of planned maintenance of their refrigerated rooms is a great strategy. After installation of the cooling room, draft a written agreement that you would allow you to make maintenance visits to your clients' business every six months. Planned maintenance will not only prevent cool room unit breakdowns, but it also gives technicians an opportunity to optimize the system for improved cooling performance.