Get the best heating

Posted on: 16 May 2017


Ducted air conditioning has been around for quite long. Ductless systems have been developed but ducted systems are still very good. This can be attributed to the improvements that have been made on ducted systems over time so that they are still very effective in heating today.

How it works

With a ducted heating system, the heat is produced by a heating unit which is usually installed in a central area.  Heat from this unit is distributed by ducts which are well insulated all over the house. The ducts can pass through the walls, ceiling or under the floor depending on the structure of the house. Heating units in ductless systems are powered by liquid fuels, gas or electricity. Solar power can be harnessed as a backup to electricity.

Advantages of ducted heating

 If you are looking for heating solutions, here are the main reasons why you should consider having a ducted system installed at your home;

Even heating

Ducted heating systems heat the whole house well as heat is distributed to different rooms via the ducts. It can be even more effective when the vents are placed on the floor as heat will rise and warm the room nicely. In addition to the good distribution of heat, a ducted heating system often keeps the air clean because it has filters to remove impurities.

Energy efficiency

While it warms your house well, another benefit is that ducted systems produce more heating per unit of energy consumed than other methods of heating. You not only have your house warm but also get to pay lower bills.

The ducted heating is often powered by gas or electricity. Gas heating is very efficient and produces lower greenhouse emissions. If you choose electric powered heating, it is possible to supplement it with solar power. Thus you reduce the running costs and it is good for the environment. Another perk of ducted systems is that they are effective in different weather conditions, whether windy or stormy, as long as they are powered on.

You decide where and when to heat

Modern ducted heating systems come with smart functionality. You can program your heating to start and stop at convenient times. This way you don't have to enter a chilly house when you arrive late at night. There is another option of getting parts of your house heated while others are not. You can have the heat switched off for the living areas when you are asleep in your bedroom. These functionalities serve your needs conveniently and help you save on energy consumption.