How to choose industrial air conditioners

Posted on: 28 April 2017


There are many benefits of making a workplace conducive for employees, chief among them is that they are more productive. The following considerations are important when you are considering an industrial air conditioning installation.


Workspaces usually have a lot of equipment, loads of people, and large airspaces. This creates the need for air conditioners that can effectively cool the load. Some factors you might consider include fan power, how many indoor units can be served by a single outdoor unit as well as the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. You can call an air conditioning technician who can inspect the premises to give you an accurate estimate of your load requirements.

Installation needs

It is important to consider whether the installation of the air conditioning system requires some changes to the layout of equipment or some structural changes. This can be due to the size of indoor and outdoor units as well as the design of your premises. You might want to consider a large single unit or many smaller units if you have large premises. It is important to note that industrial air conditioning can be customised for different industrial premises, so finding a standard solution is not a must.

Efficiency rating

Air conditioners with a good energy efficiency rating can provide the desired cooling and heating without relatively high power bills. It also means your air conditioning is not very harmful to the environment.

Quiet performance

In an office setting, noise might be more noticeable than in a factory setting. The best air conditioning for a working environment is a quiet one because it allows employees to concentrate on their duties.


The features that come with the air conditioning installation are important in telling you about the suitability. In a setting where some parts of the premises need more cooling than others, the indoor units should be controlled separately to cater for this. Operational features such as remote controls and remote switching can also be of importance if they are convenient for your business.


The supplier should have great customer service. You can also inquire about the possibility of a backup and consider the length of the warranty offered in comparison with other suppliers in the industry.


Cost is a very important issue in any business. You need to get a system that will be both durable, cheap to maintain, and effective but at a minimum price. The way to go about it is to find a system that meets the requirements and costs the least rather than one which fails to meet certain criteria but is cheap.